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The Worlds Most Portable Horse Jump Fillers

By Burlingham Sports

Air-Ess products are durable and easy to use. These inflatable jumps and fillers provide fast set-up and take-down for any course. Extremely portable and lightweight, they inflate and deflate in 15-90 seconds, and pack up to less than a tenth of inflated size making tmobility quick and simple. Water ballasts provide additional stability where and when desired. With over two years of factory and field testing, they have proven to withstand -30 degrees to 190 degrees making them ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Designed for a variety of disciplines, these inflatable jumps and fillers are the perfect choice for both novice and experienced riders.

wood plank 5' coop

These alternative fillers and built for safety. They come in a variety for styles including, Wood Plank, Grey Brick, Box Hedge, Stone Wall, Lightweight Log Stacks, and more!

mossy bark 5' lightweight log

See the Portable Horse Jump Fillers in action!         

grey brick 5' wall

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